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Welcome to Black Mesa Ranch

On the Road

Comin’ to a SoCal Store near you!

2/2018 David will be taking a road trip to the Los Angeles area in early 2018 to finally meet in person some of the great Whole Foods Market Specialty and Bakery team leaders where our new retail-pack fudges are now available and to make some new friends at places like Bristol Farms, Gelson's Markets, Rainbow Acres Natural Food, Erewhon Markets in the area.  Tell your local specialty/gourmet food stores and we’ll be happy to work with them as we expand into this new region.

Even More Awards

Award Winning Fudge, Nuts, and Fudge Sauce

11/19/17 Black Mesa Ranch took home seven ribbons (6 first place and one second place!) at this year’s Arizona State Fair in the Professional – Culinary Division for our confections.  Our Goats Milk Fudges stole the show with 3 first place awards in 3 different confection categories and our Spiced Pecans brought home 2 first places in the snacking categories.  Our Fudge Sauces took both the first and second place awards in the syrups category.
It was our first year entering the competition and we are, of course, thrilled with the results!
2017 AZ State Fair Awards:

  • Belgian dark Chocolate Fudge: First place Chocolate Fudge
  • Belgian dark Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts: First place Chocolate Cooked Fudge
  • Belgian dark Chocolate Fudge with Chiles & Pecans: First place Chocolate with Nuts Fudge
  • Orange Spiced Pecans: First place Snack Mix
  • Chipotle Chile Spiced Pecans: First place Other Snacks
  • Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce: First Place Syrups
  • Chiles & Chocolate Fudge Sauce: Second Place Syrups

These award-winning items and much more can be purchased online from our Ranch Market page.

Now That's HOT

BMR Wins at The Scovie Awards!

10/20/17 David, the chef at Black Mesa Ranch, entered 3 of his spicy confections for the 2018 Scovie Awards - and ALL THREE took awards!
Our winners from the 2018 Scovies:

1st Place Sweet Heat Sauce: Chile & Chocolate Fudge Sauce
3rd Place Sweet Heat (Candy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies): Goats Milk Fudge with Chiles and Pecans 
3rd Place Snack Nuts: Chipotle Spiced Pecans
About the Scovie Awards
The Scovie Awards (also known as the "Scovies") are an annual international spicy foods competition that originated in 1996. Based in New Mexico the contest sees entries coming in from across the globe, as far away as from Australia. The Scovies are named to honor the memory of Wilbur Scoville, the scientist who invented the Scoville Organoleptic Test in 1912 to determine the heat scale of chile peppers.
Scovie Award winners are determined by a panel of 80 to 100 judges, mostly food professionals, who sample over 800 products in about 20 categories in blind tastings. Products are judged according to eye appeal, aroma, flavor, and heat scale.

American Culinary Federation's National Convention

BMR's Chef David Sets The Food World On Fire

8/2/16 David is back from the American Culinary Federation's National Convention in Phoenix.  He went to introduce our line of confections to some of the best and most influential chefs in the country, connect with some regional distribution channels and just hang out with the "cool kids" in the industry.  It was a huge success and he ended up staying a day longer than planned (5 days total).

David brought 3 flavors of our AZ-Grown Spiced Pecans (Cinnamon, Spicy Chipotle and Orange Spice) and 2 flavors of our goats milk fudge (Chocolate-Walnut and "AZ Fudge On Fire" (made with locally grown Concho chiles)).  Everything was extremely well received but the Fudge on Fire stole the show.  Even chefs, guests & exhibitors from Michigan's Mackinaw Island (the self-proclaimed fudge capitol of the world) couldn't get enough of the samples.

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