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Our Award Winning Fudge

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The Black Mesa Ranch Fudge Story
What does a former professional pastry chef-turned-cheese maker do when he has a little left-over milk and a sweet tooth?  He invents a confection: and BMR Goats Milk Fudge is born!  OK, maybe "invent" is an exaggeration.  While Chocolate Fudge is a 100% American culinary creation, it was first documented in the late 1800's after what was probably the result of happenstance while making another type of confection.  The word "fudge" occurs in dictionaries from nearly 90 years before with the meaning “to fabricate or contrive in a careless or blundering manner; bungle".  Now you know how fudge got its name!
Be assured that BMR Goats Milk Fudge is no "bungle"!  There are lots of goats milk fudge recipes out there and you'd think it would be easy to just pick one out and be on your way.  Alas, David's idea of the perfect fudge included such lofty goals as:

  1. The fudge must take full advantage of the sweet creamy goodness of our goats' milk.
  2. Finished fudge must be super-smooth, never grainy, and stay that way during storage.
  3. No "funny" ingredients.  David is passionate about this. 

In 2006, after untold hours, batches (and calories) from when David first set out on his quest - the "Perfect Fudge" was born. Nurtured and coddled, he soon had several brother and sister fudges that now make up the BMR Family of Fudges - and we're expecting more new additions soon!

David's Rant on Funny Fudge Ingredients:
It's informative (and a little depressing) to read the ingredients in most commercially produced fudges.  Almost all contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), most use other-then-natural flavors, highly processed ingredients (like "cream powder"), and usually preservatives like potassium sorbate.  Many use "shortening" instead of "butter" and you'd be amazed at how many contain "marshmallow fluff" (Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Egg Whites, Artificial Flavor, Cream of Tartar, Xanthan Gum, Artificial Color (Contains Blue 1)).
OK, Fudge isn't supposed to be a health food, cure cancer, or guarantee world peace but still... who wants to eat that kind of crap?
BMR Chocolate Fudge Ingredients: cane sugar, butter, goats milk, Belgian cocoa, vanilla, salt.  Period!

 About the Goat Milk in our Fudge
Black Mesa Ranch (BMR) is incredibly proud of all of the products we make from our precious goats milk.  Whether it be award winning cheeses or confections, the inherent superiority of them begins with the high quality milk in every recipe.  In addition to the rigorous and ongoing mandated testing required by any licensed dairy in the state we do a great deal of voluntary testing as well.  We have been singled out for the exceptional quality and cleanliness of our milk.  Our herd health is extraordinary and, as herd manager Kathryn says, "Happy, healthy goats make happy, healthy cheeses and candies." (she might be leaving out a little credit for the cheese and candy maker, but we forgive her).

What else?  The BMR goat herd is Certified Humanely Raised and Handled!  We're the only dairy in the state so certified (and one of only a few in the whole country!). Treating the goats properly is easy.  We had been doing it right for years before HFAC approached us to participate in their program in 2006.  It's the annual auditing process to keep this certification that is tough, but we are very proud to be associated with this industry leading organization. 

Our Other ingredients
We use only the highest quality ingredients in all our fudges.  We use: pure cane sugar, fresh creamery butter, all natural flavors, locally grown nuts, imported Belgian cocoa, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
All the pecans we use in our fudges are from The Green Valley Pecan Company in Sahuarita Arizona.

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