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Our Spiced Pecans

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First added to our confection line-up in 2003 our Spiced Pecans have been one our most storied products. We originally offered only our Sweet Spiced Pecan variety in 1/2 and 1 pound bags.  We bought the nuts in relatively small quantities (maybe 20 or 30 lbs at a time) from a wholesaler that brought them in from Alabama or Georgia.  By 2004 we had added our Spicy Chipotle Pecans and both flavors grew in popularity with our retail customers.

In 2005 we began also sourcing our pecan from an Arizona pecan company as a trial and were very impressed with the quality.  Their prices were a bit higher than the southeast US ones we had been using and we went back and forth between suppliers as we struggled with balancing pricing/value issues with our preference for buying locally. 

In 2006 we expanded our wholesale Spice Pecan sales when we added Whole Foods Markets to our growing list of customers.  We also began primarily buying pecans from southern Arizona. This was a pivotal time for pecan prices worldwide as China started a years-long pecan-buying binge that saw them scoop up nearly 10% of the annual US crop production, up from less than 1% the year before.

By 2008 we were buying cases of mammoth pecanhalves, 600 lbs at a time.  We had just begun marketing our Spiced Pecans to restaurants and bakeries in 5 lb bulk bags to use as an ingredient and sales had responded well.  Unfortunately, by this time China was now buying nearly 30% of all US pecan production and our wholesale prices had almost doubled in just a few years.  The out-of-state prices were now significantly less expensive than the locally grown ones and we had a tough decision to make:  Stay local and raise our prices or go with the cheaper (and in our opinion, not as good) nuts from 3000 miles away?  We decided to let our customers weigh in so we sent notes explaining our dilemma to everybody who was buying from us then.  The response was overwhelming:  "Stick with the local pecans and we can pay our share more".  Aren't our customers the BEST?!

Fast forward to today.  Pecan prices have stabilized to some degree and we are still sourcing 100% of our mammoth halves straight from the groves of the Green Valley Pecan Company in Sahuarita AZ.  We now buy them by the pallet 1500 lbs at a time and sell hundreds of pounds a week.  Kathryn kids me that we need to change our name from Black Mesa Ranch Goat Cheese Dairy to BMR Pecan and Fudge Company! You think?  Naaah!

About our pecan supplier;

The Green Valley Pecan Company

No One Grows A Better Pecan

The fertile Southwest region of the United States is perfect for growing the sweet, nutritious, versatile pecan. And no one grows a better pecan than The Green Valley Pecan Company.

They are one of the world’s largest growers and processors of pecans as well as the biggest exporter of pecans to Europe. People choose The Green Valley Pecan Company because of their uncompromising commitment to quality, their ability to deliver a consistently superior-tasting nut, and their reputation for maintaining family values established by our founder nearly seventy-five years ago.

They adhere to the highest standards in the world for food safety, quality and traceability. The Green Valley Pecan Company is the first pecan processor in the world certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

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