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Our Dessert Sauces

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About Our Award-Winning Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauces

Our Goats Milk Fudges have become such a huge hit that we just had to build on their popularity, so David created two very special, all-natural “No Funny Ingredients” fudge sauces! Our fudge sauces are awesome served hot over ice cream, a great dip for bananas or fresh berries, and make amazing chocolate milk and mocha coffee!

Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce: Deep rich chocolate flavor in a thick sauce that is perfect for spooning, hot or cold, over ice cream, berries, or as a topping on just about any dessert. Awards: This great sauce won first place at the 2017 Arizona State Fair!
Ingredients: Cane sugar, heavy cream, cocoa, goat milk, vanilla extract, sea salt. Contains: Milk.

Chiles & Chocolate Fudge Sauce: This sauce is like our awesome Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce but with a bit of a kick from an infusion with locally grown Concho chiles. Awards: This spicy sauce won first place at the 2018 Scovie Awards in the Sweet Heat Sauce category, it also won second place at the 2017 Arizona State Fair (our Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce took the first-place ribbon).
Ingredients: Cane sugar, heavy cream, cocoa, goat milk, Concho chiles, vanilla extract, sea salt. Contains: Milk.

About Our Goats Milk Caramel Sauce

How We Make Our Goats Milk Caramel Sauce

BMR Goats Milk Caramel Sauce is a modern take on an ancient recipe.  Sweetened milk, slowly cooked down to a thick syrup first showed up in the 1800's in Latin America.  There are several source stories for the confection and while Argentina or Chile are often cited as its place of origin with their famous "Dolce de Leche" (literally "sweet from milk"), Mexico's own version debuted at about the same time.  Made with goats milk the Mexican sweet is called "Cajeta" (kah-HAY-tah).  Regardless, it and its many regional variations became (and still are) favorites all across Latin America and most of Latin Europe, including: Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Portugal, Spain and France (where it is called "confiture de lait").

From a candy makers point of few, this is a fascinating confection to make.  Classic caramel is made by cooking sugar and raising the temperature to the point it "caramelizes" (at around 340 degrees F), giving it the characteristic color and flavor we all love.  Caramel sauces are made from caramel (which is as hard as a lollipop when cooled) by the addition of cream, butter and flavoring.  Traditional Dolce de Leche or Cajeta is made by cooking milk and sugar slowly, for hours in a large uncovered pot over a wood fire.  Much of the milk's water content evaporates, thickening the liquid (much like making maple syrup from tree sap) and the color begins to darken as the temperature climbs up around 220 degrees F. 

Wait!  "220F?", you ask.  Didn't I just say that caramel has to reach 340 to attain its color?

Yes I did and that's what makes this confection so interesting.  The caramelization, and hence much of the final flavor of the sauce, comes not from high temperature cooking but from something called a Malliard reaction.  It is a chemical reaction between the proteins in the milk and the sugars in the presence of an alkali.  What alkali?  Well, originally it is suspected that some wood ash floated up from the fire and got mixed in.

Nowadays, we cook over a gas flame, try to keep ashes out of the kettle, and settle for a tiny bit of baking soda (maybe a teaspoon to 6 gallons of milk) to do the work for us.  It still takes many hours of slow cooking with constant attention to make sure it doesn't scorch - so I'm pretty glad not to be tending to a wood fire at the same time - especially in the middle of summer!  Makes you really appreciate those early culinary pioneers, eh?

About the Goats Milk in our Caramel Sauce

Black Mesa Ranch (BMR) is incredibly proud of all of the products we make from our precious goats milk.  Whether it be award winning cheeses or confections, the inherent superiority of them begins with the high quality milk in every recipe.  In addition to the rigorous and ongoing mandated testing required by any licensed dairy in the state we do a great deal of voluntary testing as well.  We have been singled out for the exceptional quality and cleanliness of our milk.  Our herd health is extraordinary and, as herd manager Kathryn says, "Happy, healthy goats make happy, healthy cheeses and candies." (she might be forgetting to give a little credit to the cheese and candy maker, but we forgive her).

What else?  The BMR goat herd is Certified Humanely Raised and Handled!  We're the only dairy in the state so certified (and one of only a few in the whole country!). Treating the goats properly is easy.  We had been doing it right for years before HFAC approached us to participate in their program in 2006.  It's the annual auditing process to keep this certification that is tough, but we are very proud to be associated with this industry leading organization.  From their web site: "When you see the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® label on a product you can be assured that the food products have come from facilities that meet precise, objective standards for farm animal treatment."

Our Other ingredients

We use only the highest quality, simple ingredients in our caramel sauce.  We use: fresh goats milk from our own herd, pure cane sugar, creamery butter, and pure vanilla extract.  No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

David's Rant on Funny Dessert Sauce Ingredients:
Nearly all commercially produced fudges sauces and caramel sauces contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and hydrogenated oils.  Most use other-then-natural flavors (vanillin) , highly processed ingredients (like "modified food starch", agar or Glycerin"), and preservatives like TBHQ, sodium phosphate, potassium sorbate and disodium phosphate. But NOT BMR's dessert sauces!

BMR Goats Milk Caramel Sauce Ingredients: Fresh Goats Milk, Sugar, Butter, Vanilla, Salt... and just a pinch of baking soda.

Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce Ingredients: Cane sugar, heavy cream, cocoa, goat milk, vanilla extract, sea salt.

Chiles & Chocolate Fudge Sauce Ingredients: Cane sugar, heavy cream, cocoa, goat milk, Concho chiles, vanilla extract, sea salt.

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